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Organic Dog Toys

Simply Fido Organic Plush Toys provide your pet with a safe, non-toxic toy
using only organically grown cotton which is unbleached and unprocessed.  Untreated cotton thread is woven into gently flowing fabric and then brightened with plants and minerals.  The colors of these toys come from natural extracts derived from-
    -Beige is from the chestnut bur
    -Yellow is from the gardenia seed
    -Red is from the madder root
    -Gray is from the mineral charcoal

The fabric is then triple-washed in pure water to set the color.  The finished product is a saliva resistant toy that not only will engage your pet, but provide him or her with hours of fun.  The toys from the Plush Collection come in a regular 10" size ($18.00) or a petite 6" ($13.00) size and both sizes have removable squeakers.  The toys in the Ring Collection measure about 14" when they are stretched and retail for $18.00.  Plush Toy Bones come in either 4" ($4.00)  or 8" ($11.00) sizes. 

Simply Fido also makes a 20" x 20" blanket in either the lamb or monkey design and these also make great gifts for small dogs or cats.  This item retails for $27.00.