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Organic Cat Toys
Ducky World specializes in producing the freshest, most fragrant catnip in the world and they present it to your cat in a way that will entice even the most finicky of felines!  Each of their colorful toys is 100% stuffed full of their premium, organically grown catnip and the high quality cotton twill exterior is extremely durable.  These toys are made in the U.S. and are individually stuffed and hand sewn.

The 7" Yellow Fish, 7" Green Fish , Apple, Lemon, Banana, Rainbow, Pumpkin, Heart Attack and the Catnip Buds each retail for $7.00.  The cigar retails for $5.00.  The 11" Pollock Fish and the Candy Cane retail for $8.00.  The 1 oz. Catnip Bags are $3.50 and the .5 oz. Catnip Bags are $2.50.