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Dog Crate Covers

Our crate cover ensembles consist of six pieces-the cover itself, a coordinating cushion, a roof pad, a pair of tie-backs and a bone-shaped coordinated pillow. 
The cover itself is fully lined and there are no exposed unfinished seams.  The cushion is made with a coordinating fabric and there is cording around the edges which is usually made in the same fabric used on the cover (that choice is up to you).  Inside the cushion is a removable poly-filled cushion which should be removed before washing.  The bone-shaped pillow can be made of whichever fabric you prefer.  Note that there is also a separate pad which is supplied-this pad is placed on top of the crate before you place the cover on it.  As the crates are a grid of wires, the use of this pad provides for a much more polished finish.  The pad is made with a product called Nu-Foam which is a 100% polyester foam product. We do not use regular foam products as we just don't care for the smell and we're sure that your dog feels the same way!

These covers are designed for use with the Midwest Double Door crates and the effect is lovely when the crate is used with the wide door side facing your room.  The well dressed crate truly looks like the home of a well adored canine!

Should you own another type of crate that you would like to dress, please send us an e-mail and we will see if it is one we can custom fit.

When you place your crate cover ensemble order, enter your fabric selections in the comment box.  We will contact you to confirm the specifics.

Crate Sizes


Small (1622DD)


Medium (1624DD)


Large (1630DD, 1636DD)


Extra Large (1642DD, 1648DD)