Canine Cottage

Providing the finest-bedding and cratewear, toys and treats, and special gifts for discriminating canines and felines !

Delivery Time & Shipping
For custom-made items, the time from order to shipment varies and is dependent on the availability of the fabrics and trims.  Fabrics and trims which are not in stock generally take two weeks when we special order them.  Therefore, we expect to ship orders as follows:
Personalized Leashes                                                               3-5 days

Bone Pillows (including embroidered) and Whimsical Pillows    3-5 days

Dog Beds                                                                                1-3 weeks

Crate Ensembles                                                                      3-4 weeks

For items such as toys, biscuits and treats and ready-made blankets these items generally ship in 2-3 business days.

We will make every effort to provide items that you order earlier than our standard delivery time if at all possible.

Shipping charges are as follows:

               Leashes and Pawz Boots- $5.00

               Bone Pillows and Companion Pillows-$7.50

               Dog Beds-Small Sizes-$11.00

               Dog Beds-Medium to Large Sizes-We will advise you-    
                 varies by location (generally $15.00-$25.00)

               Crate Ensembles-XS or S-$9.00
               Crate Ensembles-M or L-$11.00
               Crate Ensembles-XL or XXL- $17.00

               Custom Selected Gifts/Baskets-Actual UPS/FedEx + $5.00
               Toys, Biscuits & Treats, Ready-Made Blankets-Actual UPS/FedEx