Canine Cottage

Providing the finest-bedding and cratewear, toys and treats, and special gifts for discriminating canines and felines !

About Us
Canine Cottage was started to provide dog lovers with better choices when it comes to cratewear and bedding.  Our first experience using a crate was with our Gracie, a golden retriever that started out looking way too small for such a huge crate!  It was not until we covered the crate (with an old blanket) that we could actually get her interested in going inside of it.  Suffice it to say, the choices in crate covers for sale were very slim and I actually ended up making my own.  Considering that the crate becomes part of your furnishings, why shouldn't it look good and blend with the colors and feel of your own decorating style!  I truly believe that choice is a wonderful thing !

After discovering the wonderful fabric choices available out there, I decided to offer the same level of choices with regard to bedding as well. 

My biggest motivators in getting this business started were my husband Pete (who has been bugging me to leave my Corporate job for years)and my friend Lynn Lorenz, who is the owner of  She and I worked together (as tax accountants) for many years and learned that we each had very creative sides! 

I must also say that having two in-house models and product testers (Gracie and Milton) makes this job easy and fun!  It is with great sadness that I must report that our beloved Cash (our number one tester) lost his battle with osteosarcoma on 12-27-2007.  We expect that Milton will be just as much a ham as Cash was!

Arlene Eckel